Who are We?

Welcome to Rugged Chic! Rugged Chic is more than just a clothing store or boutiqe. We are a brand representing those who strive and overcome; Those who can be a little rough around the edges, yet still classy.

You may be wondering what makes Our Clothing different than what’s currently on the market. You'll find that our pieces can be worn with versatility. We believe we can maintain a competitive edge because we present the best of both worlds. Our clothing can be worn with a business casual or dressy shoe when our bosses are handling business, yet can also be worn with sneakers when switching up the game to hit the streets. No more having too many unworn clothing in your wardrobe just because you don't have the right shoe. No more wearing uncomfortabe shoes and not being authentic to who you truly are when handling business. Because we know that life can get a little tough at time, we offer you the right wordrobe selections that can help you "Glow Through Life's Struggles"

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Signature Collection

This Selection is handpicked and/or designed by our CEO LaShai Howard. Each... 


This collection is for Statement Jackets that Pop. They are perfect for...